Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect a custom domain that I already own?

    If you own a domain name (registered through a provider like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc), you can link that custom domain to your Mooziker site by pointing the www version of the domain to your Mooziker subdomain ( using a CNAME record. All sound a bit too complicated? You can follow the full length documentation here, or reach out to for support.

    Please note: You cannot purchase custom domains through Mooziker at this time. We recommend using GoDaddy, but any provider should work just fine.

  • How do I embed Music and Videos onto my site?

    In the site editor, click on the Music or Video section where you want to add an embed. A dialog will open where you can select the service you wish to embed.

    Most services allow you to simply paste in the url to the track, playlist, or video you wish to embed, however Soundcloud is one case where you have to copy and paste the fill embed from Soundcloud. For insturctions on how to find the url or embed code for your service, see the links below: